IGCTC collaborates with trained and certified teachers, instructional specialists and educational technology experts, to apply established pedagogical approaches and innovative digital tools to revolutionize blended teaching and learning.

IGCTC partners with innovative curriculum developers, educational program coordinators and seasoned edupreneurs who configure, design, develop and deliver learning solutions that make measurable differences.

At IGCTC, we:

  • Provide an ideal balance of physical and digital learning environments for our seminar participants.
  • Offer engaged self-paced and group-based learning for our customers.
  • Focus on authentic learning opportunities for our clients.
  • Deliver face-to-face and facilitator led programs for our consumers.
  • Bring world class collaborative experiences to our learning members.

Meet IGCTC’s instructional and technology team, with years of experience in the design and delivery of face-to-face and facilitator led programs.

Allison DePuy

Allison DePuy is an avid outdoors enthusiast and lifelong learner. With a dedication to education she brings experience into the classroom to provide engaging and applicable learning opportunities.  Allison received her B.A. in Art and K-12 teaching endorsement in 2002 from the University of Montana. 

Her experience in education rages from classroom teacher, art specialist to education and curriculum director. Since 2012, Allison has worked with Inspired Classroom meshing technology and content through interactive distance learning.  As Co-owner of Inspired Classroom Allison is able to explore the world with students and engage role models in the classroom. 

Allison lives with her husband, two daughters and two dogs in beautiful Missoula, MT.  She 'commutes' and connects to classrooms around the world.

Kathleen Dent

Kathleen Dent is a dedicated K-12 educator and change agent with 30+ years of experience in classroom teaching, gifted education program planning, administration, curriculum planning, facilitating differentiated instruction and implementing standards-based curriculum.

She works as a consultant for school districts on the topics of grading, teacher evaluation, and curriculum design. She is also co-owner of Inspired Classroom, an educational company that delivers training and content virtually to K-12 students, teachers, and businesses.

Kathleen enjoys world travel, especially visiting her two grown children and their families. She also immerses herself in many of the outdoor recreational opportunities that the Montana lifestyle offers such as kayaking, hiking, skiing, sailing, and biathlon.

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